Letters Of Credit

Completing documentation to comply with a letter of credit is often a time consuming and complex business and some 75% of all presentations result in discrepancies on first presentation.

For all customers who ship with us we offer a no charge option for the preparation of these documents.

This begins with a pre-check of the letter of credit once you have received either the original or a draft copy.

This ensures that you should be able to comply with the letter of credit and if there are any points that require correction you can seek an amendment at an early stage. We will also discuss with you shipment dates and methods so you are aware of production time lines.

Once your shipment has been arranged we will produce all of the required documentation on your behalf and present these documents to the letter of credit advising bank, and will liaise with them regarding any queries.

Most exporters see a letter of credit only occasionally whereas we handle several every week. So why not let us help, after all, it is a free service.

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